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Ravi prakash, Tcs

Many websites are there in the market for short term loan I would rate it the best ... process is very smooth and they don't have any hidden charges ..it's few clicks and money gets credited within minutes ... This platform is simple and crystal clear

kundan singh, Infosys

Rush4cash.in is literally very helpful regarding financial matters ... everything in this website is beautifully designed and i am totally satisfied using it ...

kethan, Wipro

Really an awesome ... Can trust and use it when in need of short time cash rotations.. There is no bug or unwanted add. .. And no cheating like membership fee .. realtime processing and approval ..this is what I have experienced ... thankyou team

Venkat, Dell

Wonderful and they helped in several times during my cash crisis...it's my request to everyone please be in touch with these team and be nice to them ....they are helping alot , if your in trouble.. thankyou

Manisha, Accenture

What a fast processing platform it is!!!oh my god !!! Just after 5-6 clicks with in one hour 5000 rs is credited in my account and that too without any credit score..great experience ...I appreciate it alot..

Sanjay Swamy, Tcs

It's one of the best platform I can say ..rather than saying you people can apply and check you will know the beauty , very helpful and very quick response from customer care, providing loans instantly with zero paper work ,thankyou team you all are doing wonderful job

At Rushrcash, we as a team, advise our customer to approach us only if there is an extreme emergency. Therefore, we have strictly instructed our staff to refrain from pushing anyone for a loan. There is a strict policy against any malpractices like:
a) Bribery b)Foul language c)Mental trauma, etc.
We have a zero-tolerance policy for such behavior. If in case, any of our collection, recovery agent adopts any of the malpractice during the process or after the process, feel free to contact us at grievance@rush4cash.in and our management will work on your grievance redressal.